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Use the food calculator to get your K/Cal calorie values and other nutritional values. knowing what exactly is going into your body will help you maintain a balanced diet, this diary will help you maintain a record of your eating habits and will condition your brain towards the right food choices.
Use our data base to search for any foods from all over the world to build your shopping list or to plan a healthy meal.
Any food you find not in our database please send it to us so we can add it, and the whole of the FIT community can enjoy it.
This is viewed by your nutritionists they will answer any questions you have and forward any tips if they feel the need to give you any advice. (FIT Members Only)
Our nutritionists can only guide you on what you need to eat. Just remember to maintain the same weight for a man its 2000 calories and a woman 1500 per day.
If you want to lose weight eat less calories. If you want to gain weight eat more. Just try to make healthier meal choices, cut out fizzy drinks have water instead. Dont have snacks in-between meals, and never eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.
Follow these simple rules along with your fitness plan & you will reach your goals.

Use the links below for some fantastic recipes & healthy nutritious meals